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Sore C4p6

posted 7th Jun 2020, 9:14 PM

Sore C4p6
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7th Jun 2020, 9:14 PM


6/7/20: I think I turned up the contrast too high on this page or something. I want to rescan it, but since I lose the original layered file, I'd have to basically redo the text and other editing. Let's just call it a learning experience.

7/6/09: If you're confused, there's two things going on: 1) Kuuki's narrative which is how she is explaining it to Lethe, and 2) Scenes of what actually happened.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to put in backgrounds in all the frames, but they're there for the important ones. Its driving me crazy forcing myself to reveal small bits of plot at a time instead of all at once. XD

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