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Sore C18p17n18

posted 28th Jun 2020, 11:22 PM

Sore C18p17n18
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28th Jun 2020, 11:22 PM


1/29/18: *cough*

Well, here it is. An anti-climatic, cheesy, awkward, sudden confession. There were multiple points in which this almost happened before, but my characters weren't ready yet. Lethe had to be the one to say it first, even if it's in a barely conscious sleep-deprived state. She had to break a little in order to admit it to Rob out loud. Lethe's original plan was to just not tell Rob how she felt, keep her distance, and hope the feelings would go away eventually. Confronted in a situation in which she can't get away, however...

On a side note, actual Rob is not as bishie as Lethe's imaginary version of him. XD

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