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Sore C17p8

posted 28th Jun 2020, 8:29 PM

Sore C17p8
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28th Jun 2020, 8:29 PM


12/30/16: I was way more confident about the dialogue in this one when I mapped it out. Not so sure about it now. Harue's not prone to breaking the 4th wall much, and her statement in the last panel doesn't have any serious consequences, I just wanted to end the page on a lighter tone. I'm mostly making fun of the fact that Harue and EB went through a lot of torment when I RP'd them. Poor EB is still being RP'd, too. Also messed up on the hair of her flashback lover there. It looked better in sketch, then I tried to make it spikier in ink, and now it just looks messy. Oh well. It should be obvious by now that she has a thing for Joe too, but would never do anything about it since she wants Thorn to be happy.

I'm gonna go pass out now. G'nite!

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