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Sore Ch16p1

posted 27th Jun 2020, 7:03 PM

Sore Ch16p1
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27th Jun 2020, 7:03 PM


5/12/16: A bit of an awkward start. The panels where we see how these family members interact with each other are kinda like scenes that Lethe's seen before, I guess. Hence the brown brush outline, crayon colors, and more "rough" look for those panels.

I had a name planned for "Morwenna", the spider lady, but I forgot what it was. I never added her to the minor cast page, either. Whoops. She's very minor anyway, but she has been lurking around in backgrounds, sometimes with Ostra in tow.

This cafe has been featured a few times, I imagine it's somewhere in between the two schools. It might not look exactly the same, but uh... *cough* hey look, Ostra, her mom, and the cafe were all on this page, too!
What's that? Why is Ostra attending SoRe when her mom works for Pearl? Why, indeed.

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