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Sore C15p6

posted 26th Jun 2020, 9:53 PM

Sore C15p6
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26th Jun 2020, 9:53 PM


1/21/16: "master a video game" is what he was going to say. >_> Even though the speech bubble is too small for that. <_< hee hee. ;o_o

I was going to make the teacher stuff 2 pages, but I didn't have a good transition between the pages, and I couldn't do another double page update.

It's weird, but out of all these gender changes, I like Harue's the best. I mean, she's cute as a woman, but as a man suddenly he's more attractive. To me, at least. XD Like female Harue, he's slightly out of shape (though I didn't have room to show it here). I actually prefer drawing these types of bodies over abs of steel like male Kuuki.

Random Note: Notice how Harue didn't change his clothes like Thorn, but he did switch the pink handkerchief to around his neck instead of in the hair. Also, female Fianne probably has more body hair than male Yvernes. Also, insert jokes about elves being androgyny.

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