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Sore C14p5

posted 25th Jun 2020, 10:05 PM

Sore C14p5
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25th Jun 2020, 10:05 PM


8/20/15: I really wish the background in the 6th panel didn't get covered up so much. The background in the 1st panel is from the dance back in chapter 10.

Yes, the innuendo in intentional. I've been wanting to include an explanation of how Nappy's (Napoleon's) horn works. Instead of simply liking virgin ladies in the stories of old, his horn detects how pure someone is relative to others in their demographic. For instance, a nun at a convent would not do much as they are expected to be pure. If there was a woman raised in a brothel who had stayed pure, she'd be off the charts. The horn gets longer/glows brighter depending on the purity level. Of course, Nappy is attracted to typical beauty first, so usually his horn readings end up disappointing him. If you notice the last storyline page, his horn was out since Mi-chan was carrying him, and she's about as pure as you'd expect a character of her type to be.

Yes, this is how much I overthink things even when it comes to very minor characters.

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