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Sore C13.1p8

posted 23rd Jun 2020, 11:47 PM

Sore C13.1p8
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23rd Jun 2020, 11:47 PM


6/23/20: Ok so I didn't leave that plot hole open. I think.

4/28/15: Whew. Less dialogue, more background! Don't worry if you can't make out everything in these panels. I made sure the important stuff was noticeable. Like that totally not obvious notebook (it's not Lethe's, btw).

If I went a little crazy it's probably b/c I was on a train recently and I did many of the details on whim. This one is probably more akin to a bullet train, even though those seats are awfully wide! It's how they arrived to the R-zone, I think, I just didn't show it. >_>

As to why the others aren't sitting with Lethe... sometimes people get so irritated & withdrawn, you know you should leave them be for awhile.

Continuity errors for fun: On a previous page, I meant to draw Lethe's new portfolio-style bag, but forgot she changed it recently and drew her old bag instead. Decided to go with it, so here's Blink pulling out her bag out of another bag. Also, Blink's cloak was draped over the arm of the chaise, but I forgot to draw it in a couple of pages... just assume it dropped on the floor or something.

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