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Sore Gag113

posted 21st Jun 2020, 10:55 PM

Sore Gag113
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21st Jun 2020, 10:55 PM


6/21/20: In case you might not know: Tomodachi Life is a game for the 3DS where you can throw your Miis into and see how they interact with each other. They can end up dating, marrying, have kids, divorce... it was basically a very silly comedy/drama.

9/26/14: This really happened in the game, multiple times. Both Harue & Deb were obsessed with poor Rob, no matter how many times he would reject them. And they do use weird lines like that when confessing :D

Used the free paint program called GIMP on this one, it's ok for quick editing but I messed up the color levels a little bit.

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