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Sore C13p1

posted 21st Jun 2020, 10:04 PM

Sore C13p1
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21st Jun 2020, 10:04 PM


6/21/20: The sketch referenced is not in this archive. I'll post it to an extras page at some point. I was also experimenting w/ coloring Rivala's hair with markers, but her semi-gradient hair looks better w/ watercolor pencils.

8/17/14: Whoo, got it done! Yes, her hair changed yet again. Remember that quick sketch I posted way back when with Lethe when she was younger? There's a reason I didn't color her hair in for her younger versions. That's how long I've been thinking about this. I've sketched many versions of a longer hair Lethe, I've been holding off on it mostly b/c she looks too cool! How can it be Lethe if she doesn't look a little dorky? Hahaa.

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