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Sore C12.1p6

posted 21st Jun 2020, 8:20 PM

Sore C12.1p6
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21st Jun 2020, 8:20 PM


6/21/20: Lethe's sister Athena, looking different again. She's around 17 here, I think. Originally this page had some issues w/ oversized text, which was fixed on 12/11/13.

11/2/13: I've been wanting to change Lethe's hair for awhile, but I couldn't decide what her natural color should be. I left it kinda vague here, I still haven't fully settled on an exact shade. :P Also swamped w/ medical appointments all month, then got completely wrapped up in Ace Attorney 5. Those games are crack, I can't stop playing for anything other than work, sleep, and food. Now, lesse what the next chapter brings...

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