School of Rejects

A real girl in a fictional world


posted 20th Jun 2020, 10:05 PM

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20th Jun 2020, 10:05 PM


6/20/20: When I originally worked on these pages, I wasn't consistent on getting the pink tone to be the same throughout the chapter. I've corrected it since, much better now. I think I could've made the manga versions of them look more exaggerated. Oh well.

6/27/12: This chapter harkens back to my youth when I read manga magazines like Ribbon, Nakayoshi, and Shounen Jump. These are big books filled with various series by different artists (and sometimes goodies like stickers). The girls' magazines in particular would have stories printed out on different lightly colored paper (pink, red, purple, etc) instead of just white paper. It was always fun to look at.

I really don't like working on the computer too much, especially since my regular job involves sitting at a computer 99% of the time. I shaded this by hand but still there's a crap load of editing to do since this chapter is supposed to look prettier.

It's hard to draw the characters in a different way. Rivala didn't really change, but the others are a lot lankier w/ bigger eyes, thinner necks/limbs (and bigger boobs on Kuuki).

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